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Utah Flooding Resources - UCCAI

The State of Utah, Department of Emergency Management has posted on its website the following:

The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) raised its activation level from

“Level 4 – Monitoring” to “Level 3 – Enhanced Watch” in response to flooding activity anticipated throughout the state.

With this year’s significant amount of snowfall, the Division of Emergency Management (DEM), along with many of you, are concerned about the potential for flooding. It’s impossible to know how much flooding to expect, or where or when it will flood. That depends on the weather. What we do know is that now is the time to know your risk, prepare for the hazard, and mitigate potential damage. DEM has many resources to help you do that.

The Utah Chapter of Community Associations Institute (UCCAI) provides to you the following resources and links in hopes it may help you prepare your property, homes and communities in the coming days and weeks. The following links from various Utah state agencies and municipalities include information on flood preparedness, property mitigation ideas, and sandbagging locations. We wish you the best and hope you stay dry.

State of Utah - Department of Emergency Management

State of Utah - Resources for Property Owners

Utah Department of Public Safety - Flood Preparedness

Washington County Resources

Salt Lake County Resources

Davis County Resources

Utah County Resources

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