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We are your HOA management experts

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HOA Management Specialists

K&R Premier Property Management was born out of the necessity to overcome the inherent challenges in typical “property management” companies.  One of the biggest challenges we discovered in HOA management was responsiveness, or simply answering the phone or responding to an email.  Often larger companies are challenged by their size, which results in a lack of timeliness, responsiveness, and consideration for the personal time investment of HOA board members.  We have designed K&R to overcome these challenges by making responsiveness our top priority.

Our Services

  • Accounting

  • Billing and Statements of Owners

  • Collections

  • Community Inspections

  • CC&R Enforcement

  • Assistance in Reserve Studies

  • Vendor Services and Contracting

  • Tracking rentals

  • Filing Taxes

  • Full-Service Payment of Vendors and Utilities

  • Attendance at Board and Community Meetings

  • Assistance in Voting/Meetings, Notices/Website Creation

  • Decrease Board Time and Commitment

Office Address and Hours

197 N 290 W Lindon, UT 84042, USA

Mon-Thurs 9-4 pm

Friday 9-2 pm


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